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Strategic Selling: Security in a Business Crisis

Losing your biggest account. It’s something no organization wants to think about, least of all small companies and start-ups … perhaps to the degree that they literally don’t think about it and are floored when it happens. To vendors that depend on a few key accounts for survival, it seems like a no brainer to say, “Be prepared.” The fact is, though, things happen beyond our control. Our gravy-train account …Read More

Valentine’s Day as a Hiring Metaphor

It’s Valentine’s Day. Did you forget? And if you remembered, is it because you’re a born romantic … or because you don’t want to get in trouble? We aren’t relationship counselors here at Caliper, but we are keen observers of the human condition. That first Valentine’s Day for a new couple is exciting. You can’t wait to buy those flowers and bring home that box of chocolates, because … well, …Read More

Succession Planning: It’s Bigger on the Inside

Doctor Who is run like a business. On other scripted TV shows, when the actors age out of their roles or audiences get sick of looking at them, the show is cancelled. On Doctor Who, the producers simply replace the actors with new ones, as a company would swap out managers who retire (or are, uh, “asked” to retire). The ingenious story device that allows for actor replacement on DW …Read More

Algorithm-Avoidance Syndrome: Why Companies Fear Analytics

When you hear People Analytics, are you filled with dread, confusion, fear, or an urge to run away? Do you dismiss Analytics as a passing fad or say, “I don’t need no stinkin’ computers telling me how to HR”? If so, you may be suffering from Algorithm-Avoidance Syndrome. We hope it’s okay to use the term “truth bomb” in a business blog, because we’re about to drop one: People Analytics …Read More

Gen Z: Coming Soon to a Company Near You

Are you sick of the word “Millennials” (with a capital M) yet? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way. Of course you’re sick of it. People are so tired of reading about Millennials and their supposed need to feel special, even Millennials themselves are distancing themselves from the term. “Maybe I’m technically a Millennial,” you may have heard one of your mid-twentyish to mid-thirtyish colleagues say, “but I’m not really …Read More

Is 2017 the Year Robots Finally Take Over?

Hollywood has produced no shortage of films about robot rebellion over the years, but in the early days of sci-fi cinema, the malevolent robot was usually just a metallic version of the rubber-suited monster. It had no agenda beyond smashing stuff and kidnapping a helpless damsel with an inclination for screaming and fainting. That all changed with the arrival of HAL 9000 in Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 1968 film 2001: A …Read More

Making Better Use of Your Internal Performance Criteria

Forward-thinking organizations know that long-term success requires more than innovative product development and continuous improvement of operational efficiency. It also demands a sound talent-management strategy, because developing good products and streamlining operations can only happen when you have the right people in place to drive these objectives—as well as a pipeline of high-potentials to lead such initiatives in the future. Many smaller companies lack the internal resources to develop effective …Read More

Learning Agility: A Key to Strong Job Performance

Is it just us, or did the 2016 election season seem like it had been going on since at least 1016? We need a national nap to recuperate from that endurance test. Showing the good judgment befitting a venerable talent-development institution like Caliper, we’re backing away slowly from the contentious Presidential election and letting the pundits and firebrands beat each other up about it. Instead, we turn our focus toward …Read More

Shopping for Your Next Top Sales Performer?

Halloween in our rear-view mirrors can only mean one thing (besides stealing Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from our kid’s candy stash for the next week): holiday shopping season is upon us. It’s time to hit the shopping malls and see what the big department stores have on display. Or is it? One of the great symbols of American culture circa 1985 was the shopping mall, with its 100+ specialty shops …Read More

The Big Goal: A Company Culture of Success

If you’ve ever watched Premier League football (i.e., soccer), you may have noticed it’s perfectly OK, right in the middle of the action, for teammates to scold each other for making bad plays, usually with exaggerated gestures for the benefit of the camera. If a National Hockey League player in North America tried that, he’d be labelled a “locker-room cancer” before the next commercial break. On the other hand, soccer …Read More