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Personality: Too Much of a Good Thing

By Ron Wolff Whether it’s hard candy as a child or hard alcohol as an adult, we continually learn a valuable lesson about the dangers of excesses. Everything in moderation, right? Similarly, when looking at talent through the lens of personality, we realize you can have too much of a good thing. The ability to understand complex concepts and take quick action may seem like universally positive qualities, but there …Read More

Caliper Partners Poised to Grow in 2017

PRINCETON – Thanks to the intensive efforts of Caliper’s dedicated partnership-development team, its Channel Partners program is taking off. 2016 ended on an especially high note, following a three-day workshop for new Partners at Caliper’s Princeton, NJ headquarters. “Our final Caliper Partners Success Camp of the year was a huge accomplishment,” said Anthony Pantaleone, Caliper’s Director of Partner Development. “We closed out 2016 with an enthusiastic group of new Partners …Read More

The “Model” Salesperson

You’ve seen them … job postings for sales positions that range between wishful and delusional thinking on the part of whoever posted it. The list of demands often reads something like: “Must be a self-starter who is aggressive, competitive, and relentless about closing business as well as a relationship builder who is customer-service focused at all times. Must be a deadline-driven multitasker who is also highly detail focused and organized. …Read More

The Talent Audit: An Affordable Team-Development Option

by Sherry Acque In my conversations with small-business leaders and their HR Managers, or with managers of independent business units inside larger organizations, I find that many share the same assumption: that talent-development engagements are for big corporations, not “the little guy.” It’s just one more advantage the name brands have over the rest of us, says the small business. While it’s true that pharmaceutical giants, big-name banks, and other …Read More

Caliper Workshop to Help Women Develop Leadership Presence

Women leaders are becoming an ever more critical component of business success, despite operating in work environments that have been historically challenging for them in regard to leadership opportunity and skill development. Caliper strongly believes in the benefits of leadership diversity, and to do our part, we will conduct our first Women Leaders Development Workshop on Tuesday, December 13, at the Crowne Plaza Princeton – Conference Center in Plainsboro, New …Read More

How a Channel Partnership Can Help Diversify Your Business

For talent management/OD consulting practices, forming channel partnerships is one of the best ways to enhance your value proposition to existing accounts without spending time and money developing new products.  Another major advantage of such partnerships is the opportunity to grow your revenue through diversification. “A channel partnership is a great business vehicle for diversifying your offerings across different demographics and industries,” says Anthony Pantaleone, Director of Partnership Development at Caliper. …Read More

Understanding Personality Allows Us to Bridge Generational Gaps

By Jennie Hollmann, Ph.D. Despite what you’ve heard, the impact of generational differences may be slightly overblown. What isn’t overstated, though, is that businesses, due to a multitude of factors, are being forced to contend with five unique generations in their workforces; increasingly, managers are navigating a busy intersection of wholly different cultural, economic, and societal norms that people bring with them into the office. So, what’s the best way …Read More

What’s Your Human Capital Strategy?

The accelerated rate of change occurring across most industries today makes strategic planning especially challenging for business executives. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain a competitive edge in an era of low barriers to entry, increased competitor activity, rapidly changing customer needs, quickly evolving technology, and economic and legal trends. As the workplace continues to evolve, it will become ever more important to integrate your business planning with your …Read More

Talent-Management Trends for 2016 and Beyond

We asked a few of Caliper’s HR experts to weigh in on the emerging trends in talent development. Here’s what they said: Cyndi Sax, Senior Vice President of Consulting Services “Companies are moving away from the annual performance-review process to one that provides more relevant, detailed feedback on a regular basis,” Cyndi says.  “It requires a different skill set for managers and employees on how to effectively give and receive …Read More

Caliper Receives Recognition For Social Responsibility, HR Excellence

Caliper doesn’t do it for the accolades or the awards. We do it because Caliper Cares. Admittedly, though, it is nice to get recognized for our charitable work. Last month, Caliper earned the prestigious HR Award for Excellence in the area of Social Responsibility at the 18th Annual Delaware Valley HR Department of the Year Awards, held in Philadelphia. Caliper doesn’t just promote a “Season of Giving.” We have a …Read More