About Agota Alvarez

Agota Alvarez has been with Caliper since 2005 and currently serves as Caliper’s Content Marketing Manager. In her role, she helps create and implement Caliper’s Content Marketing Strategy by overseeing and executing integrated client communications; sales support materials; social media; webinars, trade shows, and events; and editorial functions including Caliper’s Insights Newsletter and Caliper’s Blog. She works closely with the marketing team to help build brand consistency both internally and externally. In addition, she serves as a liaison between Caliper and its public relations firm to align Caliper subject-matter experts with media and editorial opportunities.

Prior to her role in the marketing department, Agota served as a Copy Editor in Caliper’s Quality Assurance Department, where she ensured that the quality standards of client reports were upheld and that client deliverables were received in a timely manner. She also spearheaded Copy Editor training and worked on a team to help promote employee development within the department.

Agota earned her Master’s degree in Communications from Ellis University and her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Creative Writing from The College of New Jersey. She also obtained a certification in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University.

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