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Partnerships Empowering Workforce Management –

From Selecting to Developing Talent

Caliper is partnering with organizations, like TMSA, to provide our comprehensive Essentials Report Suite with additional benefits extended to association members.

Caliper Partnerships

Caliper has established partnerships with exceptional organizations worldwide to provide a deeper, more comprehensive suite of talent-management solutions that organizations can use throughout the employee lifecycle – from selection to succession. As a member of TMSA, you receive special discounts on Caliper solutions.

Simple. Virtually Unlimited. On Demand.

Essentials Subscriptions

With a Caliper Essentials subscription, you get access to workforce intelligence to support the constantly changing needs of your business. Whether you are looking to expand your workforce or develop the talent you already have, our solution scales to your business needs, helping you stay on budget and allowing you to pivot from recruiting to coaching at a moment’s notice.

Caliper subscriptions include:

  •  Caliper Essentials for SelectionInterpretative report that includes a fit score, specific behavioral interview questions, and onboarding tips
  •  Caliper Essentials for CoachingCoaching guide to help managers coach, develop, and onboard an employee
  •  Individual Developmental GuideDetailed development report for employees to provide self-awareness and tailored development suggestions

Features & Add-ons available include:

  •  CertificationGain an in-depth understanding of behaviors, traits, and competencies and incorporate the Caliper Profile into all aspects of your talent management process
  •  Verbal ConsultationsWork with a trained Caliper Consultant to help you further interpret Caliper Profile results and how they will play out in your organization
  •  Caliper AnalyticsGet instant access to your talent data and leverage Caliper’s science to help you drive talent management initiatives

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