Company Overview

Caliper is an employee-assessment and talent-management-solutions company that helps businesses align talent with strategy; hire better people faster; and develop leaders, teams, and mission-critical employees. Caliper partners with all types of organizations, industries, and sectors – from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and from government agencies to non-profits.

Caliper is uniquely positioned to help companies reduce the risk of bad hiring decisions, build high performing teams, and engage, develop, and retain their employees.

Whether your business needs to hire for an important position, reduce turnover, improve team effectiveness, or develop current and future leaders, Caliper can help you make the best talent-management decisions.

Our Approach

Job applicants or existing employees complete the Caliper Profile, a scientifically-validated assessment instrument that measures job-performance competencies. Our expert consultants and advisors provide guidance in interpreting the Profile results and applying them in talent-management decisions.

Depending on your organizational need, the data we collect can support hiring and promoting the right people; onboarding new hires; staff development; succession planning; and addressing organizational talent gaps.

Our consultants also use Profile results as a springboard to coaching and workshops centered on improving individual and team performance, and our award-winning Caliper Analytics platform opens doors to the world of human-capital management.


Caliper Science

Our scientifically validated talent-management tools are designed and built from over 50 years of continuous research into human personality.


Expert trans

Caliper Expertise

In-house R&D, I/O Psychology, and Organizational Development team members ensure we offer world-class guidance to clients and business partners



Caliper Technology

Our integrated client portal, Caliper Analytics™ platform, and suite of assessment tools provide the complete talent-management solution


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