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Aligning Talent with Strategy

Are your people equipped to handle the business challenges that arise?

New strategies require the alignment of talent needed for execution. If talent is misaligned, the potential for inefficiency and confusion increases, putting successful execution at risk. Caliper helps businesses quickly understand where their talent is today and how it needs to evolve in the future.

Our system for selecting and developing the people necessary to operationalize your new strategy has been proven time and again. With Caliper, you will reduce costs, confusion, and the risks associated with strategy execution.

Unlike competitors that offer only assessments, organizational consulting, or pre-packaged training, Caliper delivers a comprehensive solution that integrates all three of these capabilities. We are both high-tech and high-touch, with the expertise to customize programs that meet your exact needs.

When the Need Arises

Whenever a company brings in new leadership, considers a merger or acquisition, or restructures, it can struggle to gain traction. Often, the last place a business focuses is the single most important aspect of success—people. When talent and strategy are aligned, shareholder value is created and companies grow their top and bottom line.

How We Do It

Caliper’s approach to aligning talent with strategy begins with deploying diagnostics to understand the current state of talent. Then, we collect organizational and climate-survey data to develop deep insights into your culture. This allows us to identify broad organizational competencies, critical individual roles, and existing talent. With established success profiles, we are able to assess individuals relative to future roles, identifying talent gaps and recommending strategies to close those gaps.

For the CEO

As a CEO, you are responsible for building shareholder value. You have sold your board on your vision and plan, and they are holding you accountable to execute on your strategy. More than ever, you need the talent in your organization to be aligned with the strategy you intend to execute. We can help you quickly gain an objective view of the state of talent in your organization and develop a plan to align that talent with your vision and plan.

For VP Sales

As a sales leader, you are accountable for "hitting your number." You need sales managers who buy into your strategy and have the capability to motivate and develop their teams accordingly. Furthermore, you need salespeople with potential to be successful in your organization. If your managers and reps don't succeed, then you will have difficulty succeeding. We can help you quickly gain an objective view of the state of your sales talent and align it with the factors that drive success for you.


As a VP of HR, your CEO is counting on you to help align the talent necessary to execute organizational strategy. Your ability to get a seat at the table depends on you bringing new ideas and solutions that achieve these talent objectives in an efficient and effective way. We help you quickly understand where your talent is today and how it needs to evolve in the future. We then implement systems for selecting and developing the people necessary to operationalize your new strategy.

For Director of Talent Acquisition

As a Director of Talent Acquisition, you are responsible for sourcing quality talent in a timely manner and for filling high-profile roles necessary to execute your CEO's strategy. You must deliver quality people to hiring managers who face intense pressure to produce results. We help you to identify the unique qualities necessary for success in the positions you need to fill. We then provide you with high-impact tools for quickly screening candidates as well as the personalized expertise to help you and your hiring managers to make the best talent-management decisions.

For Director of Talent Development

As a Director of Talent Development, you are responsible for developing talent in a timely manner for high-profile roles that are critical to executing your CEO's strategy. You are under pressure to offer relevant programs for individuals with diverse and unique needs. We can help you quickly define the competencies that matter most in these roles, assess individuals to identify gaps, and create and deliver individualized development programs to close those gaps.


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"It’s been fun to watch the work that Caliper has done with our leadership development pool. They help people understand how to interact with each other; how to understand their own style and its impact on others."
Cliff Robertson, MD
SVP Operations & CEO, Catholic Health Initiatives

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